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smells like sex and vicks salve, yeah

starving, frozen, starkraving mad, rolling naked on the lawn of memory and regret. so i thought the night can't get much better or worse depending on the content of your purse of belief. being, a rare treat, an admiral feat in this day and age. buring myself in a page of nonsensical blather, ends gathered and tied, burned in a smudged prayer for a love diseased. do you taste the smoke, catch the sprinkle of broken glass, sharp staccato puncturing the midnight? riot that is our union. unbridled and unresolved, this paddle ball passionate loving free for all has just about bled me dry with every kiss and every lie of immunity. hate the rate at which yu turn from lilac wine to never in this lifetime. tanquerae with a twist of lime, cammomile cream with a honey bear rhyme. should probably lose the thread of memory as you do.
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